June 4, 2015, Eater


Middleman and jQuery

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I served as the main developer on a small Editorial Product team that collaborated with Eater to produce a feature longform called One Night at Kachka.

This project is built using Middleman and pulls in the data for the piece using the Google Drive extension for Middleman. Each of the rows in the spreadsheet creates a new card using a specific partial, the layout of which is designated by the option specified for that row in the spreadsheet.

Sharing a specific card will take the user to the longform, but uses anchor link functionality to display the correct card upon page load.

Given that this project is very asset-heavy, it relies heavily on lazy loading images and videos at specified widths dependent on the size of the viewport. Of the knowledge needed to build this project, this area was my weakest. I’m glad that working on this project provided me with the opportunity to learn more about this area.