NYC Restaurant Inspections

July 29, 2015, Eater


D3.js and jQuery

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NYC Restaurant Health Scores, Interpreted is a collaboration between myself, Dylan Lathrop, an Illustrator for Vox Product, and Ryan Sutton, a Food Critic for Eater, one of Vox's media brands. We embarked on this project back in April 2015 during Eater Hack Week and launched the app on July 29, 2015.

Ryan Sutton served as our guiding editorial influence throughout development, while Dylan created all of the icons used within the application as well as a polished mockup for our desktop design. I developed the project, created the original wires for the desktop view, and designed the mobile view for the application.

This application, which runs off of an API provided by NYC OpenData, provides users with up-to-date information about the health inspection results of restaurants in NYC. Each individual restaurant card is shareable and functions by querying the API for all information associated with the restaurant's identification number.