Marriage Mosaic

Jan. 13, 2015, Wall Street Journal


D3.js, jQuery, and Javascript

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"Marriage Mosaic: Evolution of Gay Unions in the U.S." depicts the changes in legislation regarding same-sex marriage laws throughout the U.S. over the past 20 years.

The interface allows the user to auto play the interactive all the way through, from a specific year, or to scrub through the years as he or she chooses.

Most elements in this interactive are programmed in D3.js, through the slider does rely on jQuery UI.

The placement of the squares is achieved by mixing cartographic elements with the force-directed mechanism that renders the graph.

The colors and grid portion used in this interactive were established by the companion print graphic that ran on December 31st, 2014. When not prescribed by the style guide, I chose the layout and other stylistic elements used in this interactive.