Obituaries database

July 1, 2014, Los Angeles Times


Python and Django

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This obituaries database is a Django application that stores and displays information for over 2,000 obituaries dating back to 2010. The application serves primarily as an administrative tool that bakes out (courtesy of django-bakery) static pages to live site.

Features of the live site include:

  • Aggregating obituary content and displaying it in an organized way, a feature currently unavailable on the LA Times website
  • The obituaries featured on site's homepage in the "Died on this day" section are either automatically selected based on the status of the obituary (whether or not there has been a "notable" death on that day), coupled with high resolution image availability, or may be selected by by the admin user and manually inserted into this featured subset
  • Interacting with the LA Times CMS via the Python wrapper for the Tribune services API. This allows for things such as:
    • Validating the obituary's url and checking to see whether the obituary is for one person or multiple people
    • Ensuring that all correct tags are applied to the obituaries
    • Getting/Posting related content to and from the obituary including information about attached images, their availability, size, and resolution, etc.
    • The image information determines the size of images displayed on the site and can also be used to automatically create photo galleries on the site if desired