Oct. 1, 2014, University of North Carolina


Python and Django

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This Django application serves as the backend for ebolainliberia.org, a site that visualizes the Ebola crisis in Liberia.

Data Input

The data itself is collected by people on the ground in Liberia. After collection, a verified user is able to log in to the site and upload an excel file that he or she has generated from this raw data.

Data Analysis

When a new report is uploaded, a new report object is created, which in turn triggers a few management commands that create or update relevant objects in the database, complete the calculations needed for analysis, and then output the formatted data (as per the visualization site's structure) to publicly accessible urls.

Recent Updates

  • Integration with visualization site to automatically update when new data is entered
  • Provide the data from the latest (or any existing) report in a CSV format available for download.